Bring The World To Your House with Elena Molinos Design

Elena Molinos discovered her passion for interior design from a young age. Nowadays, she is living her passion. She’s a businesswoman and interior designer who can recreate any place with a few accessories and cushions.

Even though it wasn’t always her profession, Elena was a designer from the very beginning. As a child, she loved decorating and interior design. She would make virtual trips and transform her house based on the culture of every country. In her words: “We all deserve to live in a place we love. That’s my inspiration”.

Elena began decorating as a game and then as a hobby. It was not until her friends, aware of her abilities and good taste, asked her to remodel their homes or other spaces. After more projects like this, she decided to transform it to her business and dedicate full time to it. 

With Elena Molinos Design, Elena is able to transform any space with house decoration. She focuses on interior design, remodeling and reconstruction. She differentiates by involving herself from the beginning to the end of the process. 

Her business has expanded so much that now she does not only decorate houses, but also specific parts of it like kitchens and bathrooms, but also restaurants, hotels, offices, you name it.

Something particular about Elena’s creative and work process is that she takes the time to learn, travel and decorate together with her community. “I travel with my community to India, the Caribbean, Mexico, Greece… and many other destinations. It’s not just decoration, it’s transforming lives”, she shares. 

With her creativity, Elena is able to transport anyone to any place through her interior design. This gives her a unique signature among many interior designers. Why does she do this? Apart from passion, she comments that she is happy when she makes her clients happy. 

When they arrive and see their projects done for the first time, seeing their excited faces… That is the true definition of success. Helping and making others happy”, states Elena. And she has certainly amazed her customers. They are surprised and mesmerized with the results of Elena’s remodeling and decoration. 

To achieve her success, Elena says that the biggest challenge was to improve herself every day. She also had to learn everything about the business world she was getting into. She was a creative mind, but with little experience in the entrepreneurship environment. Another obstacle she faced was emigrating from Venezuela to find better opportunities, which she overcame successfully.

Regarding her journey, she shares that “it is important to have the necessary mentality to understand that we are capable of achieving everything and more. Everything is in the mind, the rest is just execution.”

Now, Elena is working on her Youtube channel, her decorating book and continues to work in her business of interior and restaurant design. Elena works and lives by her vision, which is to help clients feel happy and fulfilled in their homes and spaces. She accomplishes that by creating high quality environments that reflect their values, tastes and personality.